Message from Arantza Sestayo

To go along with The Gift graphic novel, I have been in contact with a 
number of artists, famous and otherwise waiting to be discovered. I've 
commissioned these talented people to do renditions of the story's 
characters in their OWN style, to be added in a gallery section. So 
far, there are a couple names you might recognise: Larry Stroman 
(Marvel, Image) and Geof Isherwood (Marvel). Recently I have discussed 
this idea for an illustration with Spanish sensation, Arantza Sestayo, 
whose pencil work and paintings, have astounded me since I first 
noticed her work about 8 years ago. 
So that she could better understand the characters and story, I 
invited her to look at our site, and decide from there how she might 
draw the commission. Through my many e-mails with her, it is pleasing 
to know she is a warm, friendly, and understanding lady. It is a real 
joy for me to correspond with Miss Sestayo, and quite an honour to 
receive from her a letter to be posted on the site. 
To have a fellow artist offer such praise is truly humbling. With a 
deep bow of courtesy, I thank you for your inspiring words, Arantza.

- Thomas Muzzell


Hi Thomas. First, congratulations for your talent, and also for your 
kindness and natural thing as a human, that become evident also in the 
web, full of art and warmth. I really love the processing of the line and the vigorous point of your designs, the strength of the characters and the marked 
personality of all your work in general. It's an attractive mix of classic comic with a fascinating current touch, absolutely personal. 

My warmest congratulations! Best wishes! "