Fan Expo Canada Toronto 2012

My son, Kevin. His first comics event since he was 
10. He picked up signed prints by Ken Steacy, Geof Isherwood,  and 
Ethan Van Sciver, and came home a very happy lad! You'll be hearing 
more about him soon, as he's just written a graphic novel that we'll 
be producing and showing here on the site. He's also our 
communications guy for e-mails and the facebook page (


A good buddy of Mine, Dave Robinson and his son, 
Dakota. It was their first time to one of these wild events. 


Me, looking calm and reserved, meanwhile inside 
thinking, "Yes! I love these things! Neal Adams! I get to meet Neal 
Adams!" Unfortunately, that part didn't happen. There must have been 
200 people standing in line to get autographs!


Kevin and I waited until the day-of to get our 
tickets. Big mistake! An hour and a half in line in the parking tunnel 
with hundreds of people is not my idea of a good time. A word of 
caution, folks, get your tickets in advance! 

Expo security?


We spent some time chatting with Ken Steacy, a 
great Canadian artist (everyone will, of course, remember him for 
doing the Spawn #1 cover). Really nice man to talk to. Very 

Skyrim Cosplay.

Lego Master Chief.

Storm Trooper Line-up.

Horror Master John Carpenter.

Tony Todd, The Candyman!

Myself with Geof Isherwood. Stay tuned for some fantastic art by 
this comics great in The Gift!

Comic artist Ethan Van Sciver.

Comic artist Matteo Scalera.

Ghost Rider Cosplay.

Marvel and Valiant great, Bob Smith.