A Word From Comic Legend, Geof Isherwood

I met Geof Isherwood at the Toronto Fan Expo this past summer, and ran 
the idea by him about creating a picture for The Gift gallery. I've 
long enjoyed his work at Marvel and have often visited his site. Not 
only a great artist, but a quiet, mannerly, and approachable fellow as 
well. During the course of him doing the comission, Mr Isherwood 
looked over the Fine Line Ink site, and offered these kind and 
critical words. Thank you so much, sir.


- Thomas Muzzell


" Hi, Thomas (or Tom ...) 

I finally took a look at your site this morning in prep for your 
piece. You are a very accomplished artist! Beautiful drawing in the 
Gift story. Pencil agrees with you. It will certainly prompt me to 
raise my game... I see some P. Craig Russell in influence in the 
inking. What I like is your understanding of structure, especially in 
the faces. It's what I stress in my drawing classes. And you do it! 
After 30 years of drawing many artists still rely on tricks, but you 
do the hard work and go after the true natural look, which I 
appreciate. When you mentioned Rockwell, for one, I acknowledged that. 
He used lots of photos for his work, like Alex Ross does now. And his 
understanding of forms allowed him to translate that well. You do the same. "

-Geof Isherwood