Thomas Muzzell has been a freelance artist for 30 years. From Ontario , Canada , he has work published in comics (Medusa Comics, The Adapters, Dreams in Texture), novels (Deadly Sins, Shadows Dreams), cartoons (Art and the Crafts), children's magazines and numerous advertisements. He recently published a compilation of 3 decades of his artwork, The Art of Thomas Muzzell.

Muzzell has long been a comics fan, with his inspiration attributed to such greats as Frank Frazetta, Neal Adams, Barry Windsor Smith, Franklin Booth and Norman Rockwell. Fine Line Ink is his attempt to bring together not only his own art and stories, but other aspiring creators as well.

Enter the gallery displaying his work, enjoy, and feel free to leave comments on our forum. We make every effort to respond to your letter.



"I've known Eric now for 2 years, and the best way I can describe the troll ( I mean, guy ) is by saying he's a highly creative nut-job. There's so many ideas, shadows of ideas, and profound moments that pass through his brain, that I think he would be best suited as the centre stage pr-man in a carnival.

No matter what the subject I, or anyone else, may come up with for a story, he can take that vision and enhance it to levels not originally thought of. When he first told me his idea of an elf colony ( "Lord of the Rings Meets Archie", as he put it), I was instantly hooked. He basically said, Here's my perception, run with it how you like. Well, I've run with it, but refuse to do so without constantly checking in with him. It's his baby, and I want it to grow up as he sees fit. All the Glimm's Fables you will read here, have a hint of Eric in them. Thanks, my man, for such a great idea!"... Thomas Muzzell



Mike Stortini is our other ideas man and assistant editor. Actually, he's also Eric's brother-in-law, too... but don't hold that against him. Mike has been a comic fan all his life, and when I discuss a story plotline with him, he always finds a way to enhance the idea. When I first taked to Mike about the possibility of starting an on-line comic site, it seemed to open up the floodgates of creativity between us. I don't know if you'd call us the next Lennon and McCartney or not, but we work real well together. We agree on one major concept here at Fine Line Ink, and that is: if it makes a story or anything related to the site better by reworking it, then it doesn't matter whose idea it was.

Mike is also working on a novel that he hopes to have completed later next year. And I hope we'll be offering it for sale here on this site!

Thanks for taking part in this vision, Mike!