DEAD THREADS Kickstarter now up and running!

Zombies are a favorite genre and they're here to stay for some time tocome.                                                                                                            

We have put together a book of 13 short stories depicting a unique twist to the zombie craze. Rather than infection beginning through a biological germ of some sort, our zombies have come to be as the result of the sabotage of a high-tech computer chip created to aid in medical research. They, technically, are not dead, but are instead taken over by the mother data base, who doesn't think mankind can rule itself.

And the single instruction she has given them is: infect others. And, of course, eat in order to keep the host body alive.

It's a world-wide epidemic with complete cities and countries falling apart. Those still normal fight to survive in a world they can no longer relate to. Do they stand a chance?

Each story is complete in itself, so there is a different perspective played out each time, with new people and new situations in abundance, action and passion, and more than enough gore to keep every zombie-enthusiast content.

Now add to all of that, an ample amount of artwork of title pages and a gallery of even more zombie-fied pleasure. Feast your eyes on failing flesh!

200 pages, 6" x 9"  Color cover, black and white interior. An acknowledgement page(s) of those who pledge - you all deserve the recognition! 

We hope that by getting this book released on Kickstarter, that we stand a better chance of our company becoming better known. We're a small company, with all funds coming from one pocket: mine! That makes our ability to grow very limiting.

Help us grow, and we can promise you more exciting books and comics in the future! Everything is arranged. Our printer is waiting for the go-ahead. The gifts for your generous pledges are just waiting to be packaged and dropped in the mail. Help us get to our goal and watch Fine Line Ink blossom!

To pledge, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2101079828/dead-threads?ref=nav_search


Fine Line Ink's new original graphic novel THE FOUNDATION.

A prison work gang attempting an escape, find themselves in a dilapidated building that harbors a decades-old curse. The graphic novel reveals how the curse originated, as well as what's in store for our criminals. Dual illustrators depict both past and present time-lines. Over 60 pages of full color and horrific storytelling. Fine Line Ink Publishing's first digital offering. (Written by Thomas Muzzell. Art by Robert Cross and Peter Woods. Lettered by Kevin Muzzell.) Starting next week, July 15th, we will add one page a week of THE FOUNDATION to our site, so be sure to follow the story in the COMICS section and tell all comic lovers you know about it! E-mail us any feedback at finelineinkpub@gmail.com --OR-- visit us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FineLineInk and let us know what you think! Thanks and enjoy!


Upcoming Graphic Novel - Mr. Rand.

Here's something of an announcment, everyone. A collaboration between Fine Line Ink and novelist Kevin Bell of Orillia, Ontario.
We met Kevin Bell two summers ago at the Fan Expo in Toronto, when we had a table and were displaying our wares for that time. He was entertaining the idea of turning one of his ideas into a graphic spectacle, so was browsing the Artist's Alley for possibilities.
After a month or so had passed, Kevin contacted us to see if we'd be interested in getting involved, with myself doing the illustrating. I can honestly say that, once having read the first 30 or so pages of his script, I was hooked. With both of us on tight schedules, production began slowly, albiet enthusiastically. Though certainly not completed, we'd like to show you a few teaser pages, just to wet your appetites (view comics section). We expect digital release date to be summer of 2015. We can hardly wait! It's a great project.
Hopefully, after viewing these samples, you, dear reader, will feel the same as us. Check out Kevin Bell's website at: www.harriersandheroes.ca

Mr. Rand. A thriller. A step into the occult. A journey plagued with murder and mystery. Who - or what - is Mr. Rand. 19th Century England cloaks many strange things in her swells of mist, as the masterful words of Kevin Bell can attest.


For those of you that have been fans of ours for the past year, you'll be aware that we've not posted anything new for the past three months. There was a reason for that. We went through some extensive changes and upgrades to the site, things that would make our behind-the-scenes work much simpler. We can now happily say those things are now done, and we're ready to re-launch Fine Line Ink.

As there was plenty to view during our three month hiatus, we didn't bother shutting the entire site down with a notice of "site under reconstruction". We do apologize, just the same, for our lengthy down-time. Please, check us out again. Tell your friends and all those that love comics.

And remember: drop us a line. Let us know what you think, what suggestions you might have.


Thomas Muzzell, August 2014


Fine Line Ink is owned and operated by artist - writer, Thomas Muzzell. Along with him in this adventure of producing quality comics, is his son, comic writer and letterer Kevin Muzzell, creative ideas men, Eric Snyder and Mike Stortini. The site has been up for a year now, and we've poured tons of work, stories, and - yes - money, into it. We've hired many artists from around the world in order to show you, our followers, as much WOW! as possible. We think it's been a great first year and we're looking forward to the second being even better.

Along with The Gift, Glimm's Fables, and Continuum, we have other items that you'll be impressed with. Thomas Muzzell's art book, 200 pages of colour and black and white illustrations, is a must for art fans. Also, check out the resin statue of Mary Garnier, the heroine of The Gift. Limited to 100, this statue will look great on your shelf of collectibles.

And a new release for us, is Dead Threads, an apocalyptic series of short stories and accompanying illustrations, created by the amazing mind of Eric Snyder. Read our sample story here, then check out Kindle for the whole works - it's a wild twist on the zombie craze we all love to be disgusted by! Eric, Thomas, and Kevin, have each taken a stab at the writing chores.

Last but not least, we're in collboration with Comixolgy, the digital comic site that markets comics from, not just the top-name companies, but all the way down to the Indies. That's us. Purchase Fine Line Ink properties there. You'll not be disappointed.

We are dying to hear from you, your questions, comments, whatever you feel like telling us. We want to hear it all! Visit the contact page.

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